Saturday, July 29, 2006

Three - Three

Three - Three
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I made my version of a tutu (which I call a Three Three) for one of the little girls in our playgroup that turned 3 today. I gave it to her along with the little rabbit I made from the Wee Wonderfuls Put-Together book.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Happy Day Quilt

Happy Day Quilt
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Here's a quilt top I started today. It will most likely end up being a lap quilt (about 60" x 60"). I used some of my favorite colorful fabrics in a staggered square design. I'm going to call it my Happy Day Quilt because it's so cheerful. Now if I can just finish it...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Angela!

Linen Skull Bag
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We just got back from a wonderful dinner celebrating my friend Angela's birthday. I made this patchwork skull and crossbones handbag especially for the occassion. She seemed to really like it. We had the best time catching up with friends - lots of laughs, good food and good company.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Whiplash Competition - July - A Lemon-colored study of my purse-onality


This is my entry into the Whiplash July competition - the them is "bags" and I am entering under the "Fancy" category.
There's a long story behind my inspiration for this bag. It starts with a one yard remnant of fabric I purchased a couple of years ago at a fabric store that was closing. It is the most luscious silk damask of lemon yellow and white and it has been carefully stored in a plastic bag - lest it become soiled or it's beauty otherwise compromised. I never really found a place or use for the fabric in my home decor but I pulled out the fabric and admired it periodically.
So I started thinking - what am I waiting for? I have this piece of fabric that I have placed all of this "importance" in that I am keeping in a plastic bag and I am not getting to enjoy it's beauty. The bottom line is that I have had this kind of mental block about things I consider precious or fragile and I tend to coddle them to the point that they never are fully used or appreciated. My worry was that I would "Ruin" the fabric by not making it into the perfect thing or that I would never find a fabric I loved as much. Pretty silly but I'm betting a lot of my fellow crafters have a similar weakness.
So I came up with the idea of a bag that I would make from this fabric. To make it have even more punch, I decided to embroider the word "Ruined" in red thread for all the world to see. I know when I carry it I might regret having to explain my thinking to perfect strangers, so I kept one side plain so I can hide this sentiment at will.
For the lining, I chose another fabric I have secretly worshipped (although not to the extent of the yummy yellow fabric). It's a circus print by Alexander Henry that I purchased to use on the Diaper Roll Ups I make for babies. It is a riot of color and fun characters with a retro vibe. I think it speaks to my sense of humour, creativity and childishness! I added an interior pocket for the all important cell phone.

For the pattern, I took inspiration from a metallic bag I got at Target earlier this summer. I love the shape and size of it so I roughly copied it. I simplified the handles on my bag. They were made by encasing a tube of the yellow fabric inside clear plastic material.
I am very happy with how my bag turned out and I can't wait to carry it. I just hope I don't regret "Ruining" the fabric!