Saturday, December 30, 2006

Quilt Photo Album Cover - Whiplash Competition

This year for Christmas I decided to try to make use of an old, tattered quilt (circa 1920) that has been in our family. I came up with the idea of making covers for store-bought photo albums out of cuttings from the quilt.
I've had the quilt for about 10 years now and it's definately seen better days. It has been used most recently as a tablecloth for a table in my living room. After years of being used, the corners and edges were decaying as well as many of the fabrics throughout the quilt. Despite that, I have always adored the colors and fabric variety and (being sentimental) wanted to find a way to save and share it.

I basically made a template and worked from there. I would suggest if anyone else tries this type of project that you consider stabilizing the back of the quilt before working with it. Mine seemed to stretch and warp as I pulled it around the book. Nevertheless, I think the overall result was what I intended. The imperfections add to the rustic charm of the finished product. I added a tag to each album that says where the quilt came from and that the cover was made by me for Christmas 2006. My relatives all seemed pleased to recieve this piece of our family heritage that they can all use.

More photos can be seen here:

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Anonymous linda said...

That is such a sweet way to share the quilt with your family! I've never thought of covering a dining room table with a quilt, but just saw one in the Williams-Sonoma catalog. It makes me want to make one for my table! :o)

11:31 PM  

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