Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Got my Bling back - and some new jeans too

I finally gave up on being able to comfortably wear my engagement and wedding rings again any time soon. Since being pregnant and having Paul (who's now 2), they are just tight enough to make me panic a little when I try to take them off and that means they've stayed in the jewelry box. So I decided to have them re-sized. I was so thrilled to get them back today - all shiny and perfectly fit.
When I went to pick them up I decided to swing by the mall and buy a new pair of jeans I had tried on this weekend. No big splurge - the jeans are from a new Gap owned company called Forth and Towne. The style (low-rise, curvy for anyone who wants to know) fit me well and the jeans are a really dark blue that is much more polished looking than my broken in Old Navy jeans (that are almost 2 years old). My only complaint was the service. Maybe I'll go into detail some other time. Right now I'm just happy to have a nice looking pair of jeans that didn't cost a fortune.


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