Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lazy Day

Well, it hasn't really been altogether lazy. I'm working on a little bag made from some of my "scrap confetti" technique. I've finished sewing the bag but the little scraps are shedding a little. I think I'll throw it in the washing machine to see if I can remedy that. Pictures to follow. On another note, the in-laws are in town from Massachusets. We've had lots of fun. Yesterday we went to lunch and then to Joann's (craft store) where I picked up some stuffing to make more critters as well as some fabric remnants and a few items for the July Coloriffic Swap (aqua and brown - yum!). We're all going out for a big Italian meal tonight so that should be wonderful. My mother in law is sending down lots of her leftover craft supplies that she's accumulated over the years - bits of lace, ribbons, buttons, fabric - I can't wait to open those boxes and dig through the loot! Yippeeee!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have fun at your dinner!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

2:45 PM  

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