Saturday, May 13, 2006

Grandma's Photo Album

I customized this photo album for my mother in law for Mother's Day and I just love how it turned out. I spotted the dark brown fabric album with cream embroidery at Old Navy a couple of days ago and was inspired to incorporate a photo of my son and my MIL that was taken on our recent trip to New York. I altered the photo to have sepia tone coloring and adjusted it so that the tones would mesh well with the dark brown fabric on the album. I printed the photo onto special fabric made for the printer. Then I trimmed the photo and a piece of fusible (Heat N Bond) to a size that would fit the blank space of the album. I ironed the fusible to the album first (I did this because if I ironed it to the fabric picture and then to the album I thought there might not be enough heat coming through to bond it to the album). Then I peeled the backing off the fusible and ironed on the photo. The edges were a little rough so I thought I would fringe them a little, but that didn't look so hot. So I went around the edges with a dark brown Sharpie marker and it actually looks great - sort of mimics the look of applique because the marker is just a smidge darker than the album. I plan on putting lots of recent photos of my son in the album. Unfortunately, I didn't send it yet so it won't make it there for Mother's Day but I know when she does receive it she will LOVE it.


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