Thursday, April 13, 2006

Quilt for my Grandfather's 80th birthday

This is officially my first quilt. I came up with the design myself. I'm making it for my grandfather's 80th birthday this month (we call him Papa D). The background is sort of a brickwork/subway tile layout using several different dark brown prints. Then I appliqued a dimensional "D" that is supposed to resemble tree trunks and branches and I embroidered "PaPa" onto the top. Then I bordered it with dark brown corduroy with light tan corner blocks. The top border has two appliqued mules (my grandfather just purchased two mules in February and that's all he talks about!). I wanted to work in more of the family theme so I appliqued the first initials of my dad and his brother and sister onto the other three borders. I plan on filling in around them with quilting when I get to that point. I'm pretty happy so far and I think he will like it. My grandmother passed away about 13 years ago but she was a hard core quilter so I think he will be happy to see me taking up the craft. I'll post more photos as I make progress.


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